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Stage Decor System for Weddings, Wedding Flower Arches

backdrops for weddings
backdrop stand

We provide high-quality wedding and event decorations, including Wedding Stage decor hire, Mehndi Stages, Floral Stages, Mandaps and Wedding Backdrops.

At Dream Hire & Deco, we can build a personalised wedding backdrop stage for any event. Our wedding backdrops come in various styles and are made to order, ensuring that your special day is unique. We also offer wedding backdrop hire for those looking for a more cost-effective option. We also provide flower wall wedding backdrops to add a beautiful and romantic touch to your event.

We use stage backdrop stands like copper, gold circular, and moon frames to create the perfect setting for your big day. Our expertise includes flower wall weddings, boho event style, moon gate arch, and more.
Our flexible telescopic system, including heavy-duty backdrop stands known as Pipe and Drape Kits, can be adjusted to fit any space without needing wall alterations. These free-standing frames provide a hassle-free solution for your event needs.

We are your one-stop shop for designing, installing, and sourcing backdrops for weddings and any event. We take inspiration from your ideas to create the best scenery stage decor for your special day.
No matter your venue styling needs, we have an affordable package for every couple. Let's work together to bring your vision to life. Contact us today to get started if you are after a well-designed flower arch, moon gate flower arch or any other arches styles


At Dream Hire & Deco Ltd, we value pictures as they help us better understand your needs. We recommend using Pinterest to help us visualise and match your ideas with our inventory. We also suggest adding different accessories such as flowers, macrame hangers, pampas, dried palm leaves, hurricane vases, festoons, fairy lights, curtains, and drapes to enhance the vibe of your backdrops for weddings.

We also propose integrating relevant stage backdrop images from the internet to facilitate a more comprehensive understanding of the concepts you wish to convey since WE MAY ONLY HAVE PHOTOGRAPHS OF SOME STRUCTURED DESIGNS OF WORKS DONE. By incorporating visual aids, we can better visualise and conceptualise a design for you. This process will enable us to create a tailored stage decor that aligns flawlessly with your specific requirements and preferences, ensuring your vision is accurately brought to life.


You can design your stage with the focal point of your choice. And while our wedding backdrop systems are a stunning addition to any ceremony, they are not limited to wedding events. They are versatile and can be used for corporate events, photo booths, and even hen parties, adding a touch of elegance to any occasion.

wedding arch with flowers

wedding arch with flowers


Please inform us about the theme of your event, and we can arrange for an appropriate archway for wedding
flower decorations to complement it. Similar to the one shown on the left, the plain design can be set for £245.

flower arch for wedding

Frame only, flower arch for wedding hire. £100

Copper Stage Backdrop

Rent a copper frame backdrop along with greenery and drapes for £240.

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Moon gate arch
flower wall

Wedding Arches

We offer a wedding archway adorned with foliage, garlands, or artificial flowers in a colour of your choosing for £295, accommodating approximately 2.2m.

wedding arch flowers
floral arch wedding
flower arches

Round Loop Wedding Arch

Design your perfect wedding arch with our round loop and circle frames, available in either silver or white and 1.5m or 2m sizes. These frames also work great for creating balloon hoop stands or any other style you desire.

flower arch
flower arch rose
round loop


Fantastic experience with great hospitality. Lovely family so happy to work with you. Many thanks for your tweet

Stage backdrop

The backdrops for weddings

stage decor for events

Corporate Event Backdrops

Please don't hesitate to contact us for inquiries regarding backdrops for weddings. Our team takes pride in providing exceptional customer service, and we want you to feel confident in our professionalism. 

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