Throughout this Agreement the below mentioned

sentences have the following meanings namely:

  • By customer means the person responsible for all charges and financial obligations.  Responsible for a period of hiring or setting up the venue.

  • By goods means all items provided by Dream Hire & Deco Ltd

  • By DH&D or DHD Ltd means Dream Hire & Deco Ltd

Weddings ceremony privacy policy


You accept our terms and conditions by booking our goods for hire or styling service and establishing a contract.  The booking is confirmed by the payment of 30% of the quotation price, refundable when items are returned. Bookings are not transferable. Bear in mind that the deposit is not included in the quotation price as this will be recredited to your account.


Once the booking is confirmed, DH&D Ltd could arrange a visit to the venue site before the event.

DH&D Ltd reserves the right to require some forms of identification from the customer which will be treated according to English Law in the Courts of England.


The customer shall be responsible for booking the venue. Allow Dream Hire & Deco time to set up the venue and collect all the items used. Dream Hire & Deco Ltd shall not be responsible for arranging or clearing away tables, chairs, and any other equipment not belonging to the company, everything must be ready before our arrival.  In the case of hire only, goods shall be returned on the same or the following day otherwise a charge will be applied. The customer’s responsibility is to check that all goods booked are acceptable by the venue.

All goods used for styling or hired from DH& D belong to the company and remain the property of the company and shall only be used for their intended purpose and shall not be sold, rehire, lend...


Shall the customer agrees to allow DH&D to use pictures and/or videos of the styling, for promotional uses (excluding people unless agreed)…


The full payment of 100% of the quotation price which is not included in the deposit must be paid 8 weeks before the event unless otherwise agreed.

If this is not paid by the due date, DHD Ltd shall reserve the right to cancel the booking and retain the deposit in full.  The Customer can upgrade their chosen services until 8 weeks before the event date and will be invoiced for the difference accordingly. The modifications to your original request can be made if it is an ad. Dream Hire & Deco Ltd shall reserve the right to accept or decline those amendments.

Payment terms (no refundable) will be sorted as appropriate for short booking notice according to availability.


We do understand that cancellations may happen due to numerous causes. However, a payment deposit is not refundable if the customer cancels the booking before the event under all circumstances. Why? Because once the deposit is paid, we save the date for you and turn down other requests. We may not resell it to other customers. This will occur a loss for the business and people who already work on your project. We might likely spend some money on your special demand… Despite various reasons, cancellation always brings negative impacts and disturbances to one another.

If the Customer or Dream Hire & Deco company has to cancel because of unexpected weather conditions such as floods, heavy snow, dangerous ice, and stormy conditions which would put staff safety in danger, the customer would have to obtain insurance to cover such circumstances.

If the customer cancels the booking for a reasonable reason after the full payment, the company shall have the right to retain the full payment and offer another suitable date (for hire or styling) according to the DH&D calendar to fulfill its duties. 

If the customer cancels before full payment, the deposit becomes non-refundable. Cancellation should be in written format.

If an event has to be canceled due to COVID-19 Government Restrictions, we will expect the customer to give us at least 1 month’s notice to get the full refund (not including the deposit). We will also require proof of cancellation from the event venue. The refund would be issued within 5 working days.


This agreement shall subsist from the first payment which is a deposit to be held by the company and shall then continue to be held until goods are collected or returned in the original delivered/collected condition (except for wax on the candles, light linen soiled, and other reasonable situations depending on DH&D judgment). In the event of goods damage or loss, the customer will hold full responsibility to replace them with new ones. DHD Ltd shall be responsible to reclaim the cost of any such replacement from the deposit. In the case of damage more than the deposit, the customer will still be responsible to pay the full price charge. It is the responsibility of the customer to pursue and reclaim any costs from the 3rd party in case of damage, loss, or misuse of our items.

The customer or an appointed person must verify, agree and sign the delivery checklist document for inventory provided on the day. If the list is not signed, shall the list remain in effect.

Price quotation for venue styling is given according to DHD working service areas and as agreed with the customer. Any change without DH&D consent is subject to extra fees or cancellation of the contract with the right to retain the booking deposit.


DHD Ltd shall not be responsible for any accident or injury to a person, caused by goods provided.

DHD Ltd shall only liaise with the customer under this privacy policy.  The company takes no responsibility for any claims that arise from any event, organization, person, or group of persons concerning or involving goods owned by DHD Ltd.

It is not DHD Ltd's liability to check that all items hired, are acceptable for the venue.  It is the customer's responsibility to check that everything they ordered is correct and meets the event’s requirements.

Please strictly refer to the terms and conditions for weddings and events styling services, or hiring props, and bear in mind that as a company and using cookies on the website, we undertake to treat all customer details and information as confidential under the Data Protection Act by the English laws in the Court of England.