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slice log timber tree

Slice Logs, Rustic Wood Log Slices Centerpieces

£1.00 Regular Price
£0.95Sale Price

For your rustic and natural wedding event styling, find these raw slice logs cut to change the look of your venue table decorations. These natural wooden log timber slices are produced from real-grown round wood trees sourced from sustainably managed forests.

  • The best of your natural and rustic event

    For anyone looking to add a touch of vintage, shabby chic, or woodland charm to their wedding party, these slice logs with visible bark around the edge are ideal for centrepieces.

    Your venue dressing should exemplify your overarching theme ideas, ranging from classic and rustic earthy to splendid and refined decor.
    Suppose you're after a rustic, natural wedding with organic basics. In that case, the unfinished round wood slice logs are an outstanding styling choice which, over and every so often, offers a simple design but introduces a unique touch texture of a traditional impression board and distinct surface point for your table centerpieces display.

    In addition, the wooden ring slice logs provides an ideal surface for hurricane vases, candlesticks, and jars…

  • Slice Logs Minimum Hire Price

    We require a minim spend of £50 to hire props from us.

    Slice logs size varies between 22 to 30 cm.


    Hire slice logs with other accessories, as these log slices can be easily incorporated into various wedding themes and styles, making them a versatile and beautiful addition to any celebration. 

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Transform your event space into a captivating and custom-designed experience with our diverse collection of hire items, available for as low as £50. Bring your creative vision to life and impress your guests with the perfect ambience.


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Hire our products for your wedding venue decorations, baby showers, anniversaries, and hen party. Find handmade, rustic, vintage, and antique props, hanging and top table glass baubles, table centerpieces, candlestick holders, chair covers, backdrops, table linen, acrylic table number, reserved sign, and candlesticks.

We always look forward to getting an event to its success. That's why we're not just committed to hiring props; we're investing in quality at an affordable price to meet any budget.

We also build up our stock depending on customers' demand and affordability. So please reach us if you are still looking for what you are looking for.

Standard packages

Our decoration packages have everything you need for your event or wedding hall styling. Customise it to fit your needs.

Please note that the items available for hire do not include styling services. If you opt for these items, you must collect and return them unless otherwise agreed upon. Additional fees may apply.

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