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Hire Props for your Event in Yorkshire

table covers

Linen Skirting Cover, Cocktail Poseur Table


Rent box pleat linen skirting to cover your cocktail buffet or poseur table bar. White skirt fabric and spandex skirts are available for direct hire; the tulle skirting is on request.


  • Poseur linen skirting

    This table cover is the perfect accessory for your next event. It is white and made of a high-quality, durable spandex polyester material. The cover is easy to install and can be easily adjusted. It will look great and provide a professional look the poseur table, perfect for any occasion!

  • Price & Size

    • £10 Polyester spandex skirt: 280gsm to fit 60cm x 110cm cocktail bar tables.
    • £15 Box pleat linen skirting: 4m 
Banquet Hall Wedding Decorations & Party Rentals Services

 For your wedding banquet halls, find:

Curtain with lights; flower wall; napkins; lace tipi; table numbers; table runners; table skirtings; tablecloths; ceiling drapes;
wedding post boxes, canopy trees, cake hoop stands, ...

center pieces for weddings

In Yorkshire Areas

Transform your event space into a captivating and custom-designed experience with our diverse collection of hire items, available for as low as £50. Bring your creative vision to life and impress your guests with the perfect ambience.

table centerpieces

Standard packages

Our decoration packages have everything you need for your event or wedding hall styling. Customise it to fit your needs.

Please note that the items available for hire do not include styling services. If you opt for these items, you must collect and return them unless otherwise agreed upon. Additional fees may apply.

candle holders hire

Objects, Props hire, Wedding day essentials

Our LED lights, draperies, curtains, and flowers create stunning backdrops that transform your venue and make your special day unforgettable. Contact us for any requests regarding wedding hire services

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