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Chair Covers for your Event Party Decor

Explore our range of chair covers in various styles and colours for events. Rent high-quality chair covers for your special occasion at Dream Hire & Deco.

Chair covers always play around with event theme colours; they are a solution to hide chairs that do not fit your dream decoration.

Spandex Fabric

wedding & party

Vertical Drop Sash

stretch covers for chairs



These covers are made from high-quality fabric that is both strong and durable. They are designed to fit most chairs commonly used in various venues. 

Compliment your chair covers with our collection of sashes for an eye-catching appearance to your venue decor. Match them with our range of sashes to bring your ideas to life. We have different sashes fabrics in store that will make lovely bows or let them drop vertically for a romantic style.​


We proudly have our Dream Hire & Deco’s tagged on them. 

White Chair Cover to Hire

chair cover
chair drapes
white chair covers

As you plan for your upcoming event, remember that every detail counts, even the chair decoration. By focusing on practicality and opting for stylish back decorations that won't get removed, you can ensure that your event looks beautiful and cohesive with your wedding chair decorations. Let us help you bring your vision to life with our selection of chair bows, flowers, and other embellishments.

Universal Chair Covers Hire for Weddings & Parties

£1.70 COVER



£2.70 + SASH




Chiavary Chair Decorations

If chair covers are not your favourite option and your desire chair styling, what not choose Limewash Chiavari chairs, cross back, or bentwood chairs… the list would be longer to enumerate the type and style of chairs you can use for the perfect decoration for weddings, corporate events, birthdays…

Our beautiful vertical drop hood fabrics would add a more elegant, rustic, and romantic style to those chairs. We have in our store a selection of colours to match your theme. Please don’t stop at any time to contact us for more choices. We believe that each person is unique. We always recommend our customers express their ideas by providing pictures they would love to materialize. We are here to help bring your dreams to life.

lace drapes chair decorations
black chair covers

Chair Decorations Hire

Please choose from our covers for parties available for hire for special occasions, weddings, and events across Yorkshire. We offer chair decorations in Yorkshire.

Our hire services require a minimum fee of £50, which does not include the deposit amount. Customers need to collect props, but delivery and collection services are free, subject to agreement. We recommend carefully reading our Terms and Conditions for more detailed information.


Black Chair Cover to Hire

Styling Services

The set of chair covers and sashes is priced at £2.70. Additionally, we offer styling services starting at £500, subject to distance check.



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