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Chair Covers 

Spandex Chair Covers Hire

We offer a quality selection of chair covers that give your wedding venue and event decoration a perfect look.

Take advantage of our higher-quality 300gsm fabric spandex chair covers. They are strong and made to fit most of the chairs used by a lot of venues. As you can see from the pictures, these chair covers have been made to give you a wide peace of mind.

Chair covers always play around with event theme colours; they are really a solution to hide chairs that do not fit with your dream decoration. Compliment your chair covers with our collection of sashes for an eye-catching appearance to your venue decor. Just match them with our range of sashes to get your ideas to come to life. We have got in store different sashes fabrics that will make nice bows or simply let them drop vertically for a romantic style.

We are proud of having our Dream Hire & Deco’s tagged on them