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We offer different style of backdrops (wall flowers, balloons, curtains, white pleated silk satin voile with the fairy lights attached) which fit your unique desire and perfect for weddings, birthdays and more. Available for hire or be part of your venue decor styling package.


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Flexible telescopic wedding backdrop system for any events or photography stand. Available in different designs: moon gate arch, wall flowers and more.

Boho backdrops system for wedding stage
Copper backdrops stand and red drape
Ficus tree for wedding backdrop stand
Telescopic system backdrops


There is an affordable package for every couple. Whatever your venue styling needs are, we are ready to deliver and work on your budget. We welcome any pictures that will help us understand your needs. Also, making use of Pinterest will aid us visualise your ideas and match it with our inventory. Find the copper stand and moon gate arch. We offer different types of backdrops and draperies to suit your needs whether it’s Boho or modern style. 

Backdrop stage Decoration


If you cannot find the items you are looking for in our selection of products, do not hesitate to contact us at any time or visit our showroom display. We are always happy to receive any requests in order to turn your dream event into reality.

Collection ONLY. £50 minimum spending to hire items  from us