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Hire Stunning props for your wedding and event decor


At Dream Hire & Deco Ltd,  we offer a bespoke packages services across the West Yorkshire and further. We set up and remove all accessories to give you a peace of mind. We also provide everything to help you dress your venue yourself. Please do get in touch with us either through our website, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, email or phone.

Great collection of modern, antique, vintage, and rustic handmade accessories for your wedding and event party.

We focus on quality of products and professionalism in our dealings with the clients. Offering the perfect look venue decoration to wow your guests.


We love to give everything a polish look

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Wedding and Event Stylist
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If you cannot find the items you are looking for in our selection of products, do not hesitate to contact us at any time or visit our showroom display. We are always happy to receive any requests in order to turn your dream event into reality.

Collection ONLY.  £50 minimum spending to hire items from us!
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Wedding Venue Stylist


Find variety of props, deluxe collection big hit in all types of venues and can match any chosen wedding venue dressing and event theme when keeping your decoration unique and personal.

The lovely tea light glass candle holders, the wooden freestanding MR, & and MRS letters, seating pan, blossom tree centrepiece, fresh/artificial flowers with urn pedestal bowl, the antique easel table plan/seating plan, wedding direction, the cake hoop stand, the spandex chair covers, variety of sashes, backdrops, rustic props and so.

At Dream Hire & Deco, we help you make your event special and unforgettable