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About the Yorkshire Wedding Venue Decorators Team

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More about Dream Hire & Deco: We are events and wedding venue decorators services.
We are a family-owned Yorkshire company specialising in wedding and party styling services. Our offerings include stage decor, event chair dressing, and table decorations. Additionally, customers can rent from our extensive collection of decor items and take on the decorating themselves. However, if you prefer our experienced and creative team to handle the job, just let us know. We are committed to providing a professional and efficient experience and will personalise our services to meet your needs. We aim to exceed your expectations and will go above and beyond to achieve them.

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Our colour schemes and materials are versatile and adaptable to any venue or setting. With our expertly guided creative design sessions, we are confident that we can bring your dreams to life and exceed your expectations.

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Our utmost priority is realising your envisioned event while adhering to your budget and catering to your needs. Our team of specialised designers is at your service and can be scheduled for an appointment via phone, text, or email to discuss your requirements. We offer a diverse range of distinctive schemes and premium materials that can be tailored to various venues and settings. Our innovative design sessions are structured to assist you in bringing your creative vision to life.

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We can create beautiful seating areas for the bride, groom, and VIPs and provide seating for guests and a table for gifts and cards. Our decorations include a variety of flowers, balloons, baubles, and tinsel, as well as table and chair covers in various colours and bows. We also offer centrepieces made from fresh or artificial flowers, feathers, candles, and other secondary items as needed. Additionally, we provide an easel table plan, a cake hoop stand, and a selection of metallic, plastic, and glass side decorations that can match or complement the centrepiece.

Our team of wedding venue decorators will work with you to meet your specific needs.

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Please look at our other pages to find information about our wedding venue decorators' services and the locations where we offer our work.

We offer a wide range of services catering to different events. We've covered you, from small gatherings at home to more significant celebrations like weddings and business parties. Our services are available in various locations, including hotels, rented spaces, and workplaces.

We specialize in creating intimate and memorable experiences, whether a romantic Valentine's Day dinner, a lively Halloween party, or a festive Christmas celebration. Whatever the occasion, we guarantee a safe and enjoyable experience for you and your guests.

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Dream Hire & Deco, the wedding venue decorators in UK

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